Unable to open API2.0 Authentication link from a iframe or embed

Hi I’m trying to open the url https://api-v2.upstox.com/login/authorization/dialog with necessary parameters as mentioned in the developer API documention here for authentication from a Webview.

But I keep on getting this error please refer the below screenshot.


I’m trying to open this from a .Net Blazor hybrid application. Please help me how can I do the authentication from inside a webview. Please not that I can do the authentication from browser(chrome) without any issues


We appreciate your outreach and understand the situation you’re facing with the WebView within your .NET Blazor application. It’s great to hear that the authentication works as expected in a standard web browser; this indeed confirms that the service is functioning correctly on our end.

Given this, you have a reliable baseline for comparison. It suggests that the complications you’re experiencing are likely related to the specific intricacies of WebView handling within your application’s framework.

At present, our scope of support is primarily geared towards issues encountered on standard browser platforms, and we don’t have the capacity to provide detailed troubleshooting for the wide variety of custom application contexts our users employ. However, this information about successful browser-based authentication offers a valuable reference point. It can be instrumental in narrowing down the WebView’s operational discrepancies through your application logs or debugging processes.

We’re looking forward to enhancing our support resources in the future to encompass a wider range of use cases and environments. For now, we recommend leveraging the community forums, peers, or technical experts familiar with .NET Blazor for specific guidance.

Thank you for your understanding and for being part of our community.

Hi @shanmu,
Looks like the login page is not allowed to be opened in an iframe or embed tags. Login page has to the root page. I was able to load the page after doing the changes.