Token generation fails since few days in upstox sdk 2.0

Using Upstox sdk 2.0, token method fails since few days. It was working fine earlier.

ValueError: Invalid values for exchanges [BFO], must be a subset of [NSE, NFO, CDS, BSE, BCD, MCX]

token_response = login_api.token(api_version, code=code, client_id=client_id, client_secret=client_secret, redirect_uri=redirect_uri, grant_type=grant_type)

Token generation fails at the following method.

    def exchanges(self, exchanges):
        """Sets the exchanges of this TokenResponse.

        Lists the exchanges to which the user has access  # noqa: E501

        :param exchanges: The exchanges of this TokenResponse.  # noqa: E501
        :type: list[str]
        allowed_values = ["NSE", "NFO", "CDS", "BSE", "BCD", "MCX"]  # noqa: E501
        if not set(exchanges).issubset(set(allowed_values)):
            raise ValueError(
                "Invalid values for `exchanges` [{0}], must be a subset of [{1}]"  # noqa: E501
                .format(", ".join(map(str, set(exchanges) - set(allowed_values))),  # noqa: E501
                        ", ".join(map(str, allowed_values)))

        self._exchanges = exchanges

@SimS Thank you for getting in touch and bringing this matter to our attention.

We have resolved the problem and introduced a new SDK that includes BSE FO support. Kindly update or reinstall the SDK to the most recent version, v2.1.0, and attempt the task again.

Let us know if you face the issue any further.

Thank you.

Works on sdk v2.1.0. Thanks!