State query param not sent back in code response


I was trying the authorization part of the API
API key, redirect url etc are all created.

Now, document says if I pass the &state query parameter while redirecting for login, I will get the response back when I receive call with the “code”


But It only returned code in the response URL as below

No &state=abc is returned.

What is missing here?


Upon reviewing your request, everything seems to be in order. We will proceed with a detailed investigation to ensure all aspects are thoroughly checked.

We will provide you with an update, regardless of whether we find an issue or not.

Thank you for your patience and cooperation in this matter.


We’ve resolved the issue on our end. Could you please check and confirm if everything is working as expected for you?

Thank you!

Thank you Shanmu for your quick and professional response.

I had used the PathParam as a workaround in my rest API and made login to work well.

Surely will try your fix and confirm.

Thanks again!

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I verified and it’s working now with the state variable sent back in query parameter.
You can treat this thread as closed.