Squaring off the postions

What are the methods for squaring off the position?

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Welcome to the Upstox community @Somasekhar_Rao_Konap:sparkles:

Let’s say you have bought a share or derivatives such as Futures or Options. The ways and scenarios to square off the position could be any of the below:

  1. Sell at a profit: Here you are squaring off (or simply selling) your position by entering a sell order for an entire quantity you hold and the selling price is higher than your cost price.
  2. Hitting a stop loss: Here you are selling off your entire quantity at a price below your cost price. Traders prefer to exit at a small loss to avoid any larger loss if an adverse position is left open.
  3. Selling at break-even point: Here you sell the entire quantity at your cost price.
    Apart from the above, if you have sold options, squaring off in profit would mean buying back the option at a lower price.

We hope we have understood the question well. If not, please elaborate on what you are looking for. We would be happy to revert.

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Thank you for your quick reply. I want to know if any ‘squaring-off’ option/tab is available instead of going for sell order. Thank you once again Mr. Vivek Choksi. You may please revert if such tab is available on Upstox portal.

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Hey sure, I can help you with that!

These are the steps to square-off your open positions on Upstox :point_down:

  1. Login to pro.upstox.com
  2. Go to Positions tab
  3. Select the script and on right side you will see the square off button.
    Screenshot for your reference :point_down:

We’re working on bringing this on our app and will keep you updated.

Hopefully this helps and answers your question.

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Ok, I have to open pro.upstox.com and then get confirmed. Thank you.