SL order is not triggered the order placed through API

Hi Team
Today i placed sl order for trade but the price dropped below the price still sl order is not triggered please look into this its serious issue

Hi @santhosh_kumar,

As we can see from your screenshot, the gap between Price and the Trigger price is only 0.05. That’s the reason it may have skipped after triggering. We suggest that you keep a bigger gap as per your risk appetite.

Hi @Ushnota

if i need give bigger gap how much gap i should give
and if i gave big gap which one is consider as actual stop loss price or trigger price
and this problem is from NSE side or Upstox side ?

Hi @santhosh_kumar,

This is not an issue. This is how SL-L is when order is triggered. It is sent to Exchange at price given in the order. If no buyer is available at that price, the order goes in open status as normal limit sell order.

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