SL-M Order via API is not placed on the exchange

I am trying to place a SL-M Order using the API, which returns status success with order id.

But the order is not placed on the exchange with error “The trigger price set for your Stop Loss market order is invalid”.

Instrument: NSE_EQ|INE259A01022
Market Price (at the time of attempt): 2769.7
Trigger Price: 2766.83

I believe that a SL-M order is placed at market price and stop loss is triggered when the price touches the trigger price.

What is going wrong?


Could you please provide your client id (UCC) so we can look into this further?


I hope this is what you are looking for…

@shanmu Any updates?

Anybody? @shanmu? Please help…


Apologies for the oversight. The trigger price must be a multiple of the tick size. For SELL orders, it should exceed the LTP. For BUY orders, it should be below the LTP. Hope this clarifies!