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Incorporated in 2007, Siyaram Recycling is primarily engaged in (i) segregation of brass scrap (ii) manufacturing of brass ingots, billets and brass rods and (iii) manufacturing of brass based components (plumbing and sanitary parts).

Recycling brass helps to conserve natural resources by reducing the need to mine and extract new metals. Recycling also reduces energy consumption, as it takes less energy to recycle brass than it does to produce new brass. Additionally, recycling brass helps to minimise the environmental impact of mining and processing new metals, as well as reducing waste in landfills. Brass is used in a wide range of applications which include: - Plumbing fixtures and fittings such as valves, faucets, sanitary and other plumbing components; - Electrical connectors and terminals such as electrical connectors, terminals, and switches; - Decorative objects such as sculptures, ornaments and doorknobs; and - Mechanical components such as gears, bearings, and bushings .

They currently operate through 3 facilities, all of which are located in the district of Jamnagar, which is considered as a hub of brass components. They manufacture brass billets & ingots, brass rods and brass components (plumbing parts) from their unit-I situated at land of 4970 sq. mtrs. and the brass components (sanitary parts) are manufactured from their unit-II situated at land of 3629 sq. mtrs. And, their Unit-III, situated at land of 3346 sq. mtrs. is used for segregation of scrap. They have an installed capacity to produce 9,900 Mt for manufacturing of brass billets and ingots, 8,250 Mt for manufacturing brass rods and 3,300 Mt for Siyaram Recycling Industries Limited 87 manufacturing of brass components. Their units have requisite testing equipment to ensure that the products conform with the predetermined standards.

They market their products to around 18 states & Union Territories in India of which majority portion of the revenue comes from the state of Gujarat. They also export our products to countries such as China, Germany, Belgium and Oman.

Siyaram Recycling Industries Limited is set to debut its initial public offering (IPO). The proceeds generated from the Fresh Issue will be allocated towards the following objectives.

  1. Repayment of a portion of certain borrowing availed by our Company
  2. General Corporate Purpose

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