Sell Order is rejecting when I have already bought stock


I want to know why I need to maintain margin to sell already purchased stock? i.e. I have purchased 50 quantity (1 Lot) of Nifty 21950 CE Option. Now I want to place sell order for same I am not able to place it as it is failed due to insufficient Margin available.

Let me know If I have already purchased stock why I need to have margin to sell same stock?

Any update on this? I am not able to sell directly.

Hey @Jagdish_j_ptl,

Welcome to the Upstox community! Could you please raise a ticket here: , and share the ticket number with us? This will facilitate further investigation and help us address your query effectively. Thank you.

This is my ticket number. 8357221

Please check it

Hey @Jagdish_j_ptl,

Thanks for sharing your details. We will check and get back to you with an update shortly.

After call has been disconnected, I had tried to call on same number but it was not being connected. can we discuss it here?

Can Anyone help out this, I too getting same issue. Even though buy order placed successfully and executed but could not sell and its appears as," you need XXXXXXX amount to place this sell order "

Hi @Shiva_Surya, we are here to help.

Could you please share the ticket ID with us so that we can check your concern?

If you don’t have a ticket yet, you may raise it here: