[SDK] Squaring off one holding from vaious holding

Say, I have 5 holdings and I want to square off a particular holding using the SDK method. When I ran the method to do so, I got an error saying EDIT not authorized. However, I had debit approval using some other script.
Usually, in other brokers, one approval works for all the holding, however, I don’t see that same in Upstox.

Am i missing something? Any steps I need to do to enable such functionality?

Approval applies to all holdings if your portfolio contains fewer than 100 holdings.

Could you please provide the following information? We will verify it:

  • UCC
  • Authorization date and time
  • Sell order date and time, along with the corresponding stock information.
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Hi @RahulMittal87, meanwhile our team does an investigation, we would recommend you to take benefit of DDPI and bypass EDIS process while selling via APIs

Some of the benefits of DDPI

  1. Instantly sell your holdings without a T-PIN or OTP (Skip e-DIS process)
  2. Place faster sell orders for stocks and mutual funds
  3. Eliminate the everyday need to pre-authorize GTT sell orders
  4. Buyback shares without authorisation

To sign-up for DDPI, visit this section in your Upstox account

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Hey @Pradeep_Jaiswar , Thanks for your response. I squared it off manually right now. I’ll circle back when this happens next :slight_smile:

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Hey @AbhishekRathore , Sure. Let me enable that.
From Charges front, enabling DDPI is onetime charge and after that is usual Rs. 18 when i sell specific script in the entire day right? i.e. if I do multiple delivery sell for Reliance, then Rs. 18 debit is once. .and, in the same day, if I do delivery sell for say SAIL, then again Rs. 18 for SAIL script. right?


To answer the question

  1. DDPI is a one-time charge, once activated, you will be able to sell holdings without T-PIN
  2. Regarding any other charges - brokerage, taxes, etc - they will remain the same as they are now across the Upstox platforms.
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