Reference python code for strick price in nifty buy sell and LTP

As on mentioned API documents is there reference python code structures for nifty buy sell and LTP
Please guide


I recommend checking out the Python SDK provided by Upstox, as it includes a range of functions that can be very helpful. You can download the SDK from Upstox SDK Documentation. This SDK, along with a good understanding of the API documentation, should assist you in achieving your goals with Nifty transactions.

Additionally, for specific operations like fetching the Last Traded Price (LTP) and placing orders, you can refer to these detailed API documentation links:

  1. For LTP: Upstox LTP Documentation
  2. For Placing Orders: Upstox Place Order Documentation

These documents will guide you through the necessary API endpoints and parameters for fetching LTP data and executing buy/sell orders. While direct examples for Nifty might not be present, the combination of the SDK and these documentation resources should provide you with the necessary tools to implement these features in your Python application.


Thank you I will check

Does it will give real time ltp or it will be delyed ltp? Because when fetch for get position then getting delayed data. That is never matching with real pnl.