Real time data access

Need real time data access in my application as like index and stock . So can I get more information to about so we can discuss our development team accordingly

Thank you for reaching out.

It sounds like you’re inquiring about real-time market updates, including the latest trading price, closing price, opening price, and so on. We offer a comprehensive websocket service for delivering this real-time market data. You can find details on integrating this service at Upstox API Documentation - Get Market Data Feed. Additionally, we provide a REST API setup for market quotes, which you can access at Upstox API Documentation - Market Quote.

We also support real-time order updates through the websocket. For further information, please visit Upstox API Documentation - Get Portfolio Stream Feed.

Unable to authenticate kindly check error screenshot


The error message indicates an issue with either your client_id, the redirect_uri, or possibly both. Could you double-check these credentials and the redirect_uri, ensuring they match precisely with what you provided during the app registration? This includes any trailing slashes.

Thank you!