P&L Report - Additional information of Buy Time and Sell Time

Hi Team, I am trying to analyze my trades using the P&L report. The P&L report is good, however, I would like to know if I can get the Buy Time and Sell Time along with Buy Date and Sell Date. This information is available under Orders for the current date, but not available when I am trying to download historical reports.

Appreciate your help.


Hi @Mahesh_Kavalla -
We are planning to do work to improve our reporting over the next quarter and this seems like a good ask / feature to have as part of P&L reporting. Let me check with the product team on this and see if this is already included in the plan. Thanks!

Hello @Mahesh_Kavalla,

Thank you for your valuable feedback, which has contributed to enhancing our P&L reporting. Could you kindly elaborate on how will you use the Buy/Sell Time?
Should you require any specific data points or information, please feel free to inform us.
Much appreciated! Thanks!