Options Trading - Advance Course

Hi Chirag Sir… I have attended your Options Trading - Advance Course and as per your statement.

Future + Put = Strike + Call. I am doing a verification for Banknifty and I see some discrepancy.

BANKNIFTY 26OCT23 44900 CE = 561
BANKNIFTY 26OCT23 44900 PE = 596

As per the formula 44865+596 = ( 45461) = 44900+561 = (45461), which is correct.

However, when I calculate the same for weekly expiry
BANKNIFTY 04OCT23 44900 CE = 88
BANKNIFTY 04OCT23 44900 PE = 336

As per the formula 44865+336 = (45201) = 44900+88 (44988), which is not matching as per the formula suggested.

Please suggest how to use this formula for weekly expiry of Options.

Thank you in advance for your support and look forward to the response.

Mahesh Kavalla

Hi @Mahesh_Kavalla,

The formula will work when all expiries are same. Since weekly futures are not available, we have to derive it from the same formula:

Future = strike +call - put.

You can use this for any one strike and find the weekly future and then you can use it to find option prices for any other strikes.

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