Option Chain for Commodities on TV Upstox

Can we have Option Chain on Commodities as well?

These days, After WFH has ended for most traders, many of them have started trading CRUDEOIL or NATURALGAS options in the evening to keep the trading enthusiasm alive!

Is it possible to have right click option chain on tv.upstox.com for these Commodities as well?

It may be slightly difficult as the Data Received from MCX is limited compared to NSE but if it can be implemented, it will save time from watching the data on MCX site.

I am being very Demanding from Upstox these days :sweat_smile: I hope the team doesn’t mind! :hugs:

These requests are just from Trader’s perspective :blush:


hahah!! We love an enthusiastic and curious mind! KEEP THEM COMING!! :smiley:

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Hello @11.11

Got an update from the team: Commodities options chain is already in our to do list. We will soon take it under engineering.

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Awesome!! :star_struck: It will definitely be a great add on for commodity traders!