No reply received from UPLink following business form submission


My name is Priyank Thakkar, founder of a fintech startup focused on developing innovative trading solutions. We have have created an app in the trading world and have successfully integrated multi-client APIs from several brokers into it, and we are eager to include Upstox as well.

Despite submitting the required form on the Uplink Business portal multiple times over the past few months, I have not received any feedback. Could you please direct me to the appropriate contact or provide an email address where I can discuss this matter further? I am ready to provide all necessary details about our application and its functionalities.

My UCC: 2GA86Q

Best regards,
Priyank Thakkar

Hi @thepriyankthakkar ,

Thanks for reaching out. We have shared your request with the relevant team.

Okay perfect. I hope to get in touch with them soon.

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