🎉 NEW FEATURE: QR Code login

Hey Upstox traders,

Introducing our super cool ‘QR Code Login’ feature for web logins. So, say goodbye to PINs and passwords, and say hello to lightning fast web access.

Here’s how it works:

:one: Login to your Upstox Android app.

:two: Tap on ‘Account’ from the menu.

:three: Select the ‘Scanner’ option at the top.

:four: Allow camera access to Upstox when prompted.

:five: Scan the QR Code on any of these 3 platforms: Upstox Pro Web, Upstox TradingView, or the Partner platform.

:six: Click ‘Confirm’ within 3 minutes to complete the login process.

:seven: Congratulations! You are now successfully logged into your Upstox Web account.

Please note that the QR code is valid for 30 seconds. After 30 seconds you may have to refresh the QR code.

Easy peasy, right? So, get ready to scan!

QR code_v1