Mtf interest report


How to get total MTF interest paid report , current report shows full ledger report

It would be beneficial if separate MTF interest report option available


Hi @Tasleem_Pm,

You can narrow down the result as per your requirement using the options available in the ledger. Here’s what you can do :

  1. Access the ledger report and expand filters.
  2. Select the time range in the filters and select the last option ‘Include MTF’ and click on ‘Get report’.
  3. Once the entries are reflected, click on ‘Debit only’ on the top. This will show all the debit entries including MTF interest.
  4. Now, search only for MTF interest entries by using search option – Type ‘MTF interest’ and it will show all the MTF interest entries.

Please see to the below screenshots for reference:

Still i am unable to get total interest paid ( sum ) only way is to calculate one by one or convert to excel and filter report

Upstox providing report for the month or selected date report and provide total profit or loss and charges breakdown

But MTF paid report with total paid for a particular period is not available

You can work on it

Hi @Tasleem_Pm,

Thanks for the feedback. We have noted it down and passed it on to the relevant team.