Market-quote ohlc intermittently not updating the last minute candle


I’m accessing market-quote ohlc api with 1min interval every 1 min at 5th second. It is supposed to return last minutes candle value. And it is returning as expected. But What i have noticed strange is that sometimes the api does not return the latest last minute candle value instead it returns 2 mins old values. It is actually disrupting the calculations that i want to make using last minute candle. So please check what is the issue and let me know how i should approach.

And also may i know if there is any plans to add last minute volume in the response for the same API?

@Bishan_Kowri Appreciate your contact. We’re looking into this with the relevant team and will get back to you ASAP.

We’ve verified the last minute’s candlestick data and it aligns with the information presented on

If you’re encountering issues with a specific symbol, kindly share a screenshot or video to aid us in further investigation.

For live pricing of the latest and prior candlesticks, the WebSocket service found at Market Data Feed | Upstox Developer API can be useful so you don’t have to call API at every 5th second.

Hi Pradeep,

yeah Im getting the candle values from market feed now. But i noticed this issue in the api. it takes few seconds or even minutes to update to correct value. And seconds taken to update is indefinite.

@Bishan_Kowri @Pradeep_Jaiswar

Are you suggesting that we should use full market quotes instead of intraday candle data and ohlc quotes

Or this bug is resolved completely?

A recommended approach for accessing real-time candle data is through a market data websocket. This service provides the latest and the preceding candle data in real-time for both 1-minute and 30-minute intervals. For daily data, it offers the current day’s candle information.

Be aware that intraday candles are stored in a CDN for enhanced performance, which may result in a slight delay before reflecting the most up-to-date data.

We also offer example code for websockets in various programming languages, including Python, PHP, Node.js, Java, and React.js. You can find these samples at Sample Implementation | Upstox Developer API.