Make simple response for positions response and add overall profit or loss for all current positions in same response

Please make very simple response for position response and add overall profit from all positions.

Current response looks like too much complicated. Make it very simple to understand quickly so that whoever is using that can understand quickly and build application on top of it.

e.g: dont make separate buy/sell position pnl make only one pnl. just keep only fields which is usually displayed on the web.

This is applicable to other api as well. Wherever it is possible to reduce length of response reduce it to make simple to understand.

I have already built very good application for Fyers. API are very simple to understand because of that it took very less time in comparison to upstox. But for trading I prefer upstox over Fyers.

If you make very simple and easy to understand then definitely it will be very good platform to trade using API.

Hi @Chaitanya_Kalyani ,

The current response for Get Positions API as mentioned here is currently frozen for V2.0 version.

However, we have taken a note of your feedback and will look to incorporate it while designing subsequent versions.