Learning API for a beginner

Hi Everyone,

Hope you are doing well. I have been using third party API vendors like algotest, quantiply to explore algo trading but I eagerly wants to learn how all this works. Can someone help or direct me to learn from A to Z like how to build and use the API directly with broker. I don’t have any IT background but I have learned basic C and C++ during college days ( I don’t remember much about that have fair idea). Can someone please guide me to move ahead like which language should I learn and also sources to learn and then how to start building app for execution. If someone on YouTube or internet gives such trainings via courses then it will be great.

Thank You.

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Hi @Deshmukh ,

We are happy to learn that you are using our APIs and looking to add a new dimension to your trading. by also looking to code apart from using third-party platforms.

We would like to draw your attention to our detailed API documentation with sample codes as well as lot of pre-defined SDKs in multiple languages which you can directly integrate in your code.
API documentation - link
Sample Code - link
SDKs - link

We would recommend you to try out the APIs via Postman App first using our sample code. Once you are successful in getting response from APIs, you can transition into coding and using SDKs.

Moreover, we have noted your feedback and look to add a video tutorial soon on how to use these APIs.

Hope this helps.

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