Issue of wrong spot price display

In the silver option chain spot price displayed is different from the actual instrument underlying or atleast I think so… The instrument is not based on market spot rather on future spot price which is far different . Please find a fix.

I think its a common issue across commodities.

Hi @Gautam_Anand,

Please note that we use future prices and not spot for commodities, as per the industry standards.

But as you can see the price shown by upstox and MCX are vastly different. The price shown by you is idnentical to commodity spot where as the underlying future is far ahead and also shown on MCX site. I think there is a bug here. Please look into it.

Its evident from the screenshots attached. Look into the right top edge on MCX screenshot for actual value of the underlying.

Hi @Gautam_Anand,

Thank you for bringing it to our notice. We have taken it as a suggestion and will add spot as well in the future releases.

Thanks for taking notice.

I think your team needs to take a much closer look at it than you are suggesting. Because display of actual commodity spot price there is highly misleading and incorrect. As you can see the price difference is almost 1300 INR in this case and the price shown has no relevance to the option.

To safeguard retail investors its important that you prioritize such fixes. The current implementation is simply wrong and should be treated as a high priority bug.

Hi @Ushnota ,

Today I noticed the spot price displayed is inline with exchange. Please thank your team for such a quick turnaround.


Hi @Gautam_Anand,

We are glad to hear that. Thank you for your kind words.

Please do let us know if you require help with anything else.

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