Is there any option chain where I can get the historical and real time data of a option CRUDEOIL

I am really finding a way to get option data only and when I checked the Complete CSV file there is No CRUDEOIL related options but its there in the upstox

Hi @Harry_Donni

CRUDEOIL options are available in Complete Instrument CSV
Try searching this under trading symbole - CRUDEOIL24FEB5300CE

Do check the screenshot below

then What’s that FUTCOM
that called Future Commodity right

@AbhishekRathore I can can’t find CRUDEOIL14FEB6300CE in the Excel sheet

Hi @Harry_Donni,

We would recommend you to use the Instruments JSON files - Instruments | Upstox Developer API

These are updated to the new upgraded contracts systems.

Meanwhile, we are investigating the CSV files and any possible drop-offs.

thank you very much it helped me a lot with that if example something New option has been launched so how would we update it? using the api can we?

Can we get current gold and silver price on upstox API?


Rates of Gold and silver are not available on API but there derivates would be available under MCX

You can check out the instruments here - Instruments | Upstox Developer API

Hope this helps