Is there any option chain where I can get the historical and real time data of a option CRUDEOIL

I am really finding a way to get option data only and when I checked the Complete CSV file there is No CRUDEOIL related options but its there in the upstox

Hi @Harry_Donni

CRUDEOIL options are available in Complete Instrument CSV
Try searching this under trading symbole - CRUDEOIL24FEB5300CE

Do check the screenshot below

then What’s that FUTCOM
that called Future Commodity right

@AbhishekRathore I can can’t find CRUDEOIL14FEB6300CE in the Excel sheet

Hi @Harry_Donni,

We would recommend you to use the Instruments JSON files - Instruments | Upstox Developer API

These are updated to the new upgraded contracts systems.

Meanwhile, we are investigating the CSV files and any possible drop-offs.

thank you very much it helped me a lot with that if example something New option has been launched so how would we update it? using the api can we?