Is delivery data available via market quote?

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Is there any way to get delivery data of stocks from API?

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Could you clarify what specific information you need here with an example?

Additionally, if you’re interested in accessing your holding details, you can find the relevant information through this link: Get Holdings | Upstox Developer API

Hello Pradeep,
Data like below, where we can get EoD data for deliverable quantities,

Security-wise Archives (Equities) - NSE India

@Jigar_Patel Not all the data but OHLC data and volume information are accessible with the date at Historical Candle Data | Upstox Developer API

@Pradeep_Jaiswar , no problems, i have taken Bhav data copy from NSE at end of day, and running script to pull data in.

@Jigar_Patel Glad to hear that you got the needed data.