Is API V1 Stopped Working?

Is Upstox API V1 stopped working?? My algo suddenly stopped working.
get_live_feed function is fetching option price as -1 which is incorrect…

{‘timestamp’: -1, ‘exchange’: ‘NSE_FO’, ‘symbol’: ‘BANKNIFTY23100444700PE’, ‘ltp’: -1, ‘open’: -1, ‘high’: -1, ‘low’: -1, ‘close’: -1, ‘vtt’: -1, ‘atp’: -1, ‘oi’: -1, ‘spot_price’: -1, ‘total_buy_qty’: -1, ‘total_sell_qty’: -1, ‘lower_circuit’: 0.05, ‘upper_circuit’: 1509.9, ‘yearly_low’: ‘’, ‘yearly_high’: ‘’, ‘bids’: , ‘asks’: , ‘ltt’: -1}

We strongly advise you to transition your code to Upstox version v2, as Upstox API V1 has been deprecat state and is no longer actively maintained.

Please inform us if you encounter issue in version v2.