Instrument keys to get F&O candle data

Can anyone please help to know what is the instrument key if I want to fetch Future and Option data.

Example: Nifty 22 Feb 22350 Call

What instrument key I need to pass to get candle data for above?

You can access the newly launched JSON instruments file at Instruments | Upstox Developer API.

Get the object and then instrument_key by using the trading_symbol, which follows the format: <underlying_symbol> <strike_price> <CE/PE> <expiry in dd MMM yy>

Hey Pradeep,

Is my understanding as below correct ?
Required instrument key for Nifty 50 F&O for price 22350 Call
Instrument key will be : Nifty 22350 CE 22 FEB 24

If this is wrong then please provide example instrument key for the same.
Thank you!

Hey Pradeep,

Any update for above?

@Sai_Pawar ,

Did you even had a look at instrument master file?

        "weekly": true,
        "segment": "NSE_FO",
        "name": "NIFTY",
        "exchange": "NSE",
        "expiry": 1708626599000,
        "instrument_type": "CE",
        "asset_symbol": "NIFTY",
        "underlying_symbol": "NIFTY",

        "instrument_key": "NSE_FO|36365",

        "lot_size": 50,
        "freeze_quantity": 1800.0,
        "exchange_token": "36365",
        "minimum_lot": 50,
        "asset_key": "NSE_INDEX|Nifty 50",
        "underlying_key": "NSE_INDEX|Nifty 50",
        "tick_size": 5.0,
        "asset_type": "INDEX",
        "underlying_type": "INDEX",
        "trading_symbol": "NIFTY 22350 CE 22 FEB 24",
        "strike_price": 22350.0
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Yes, I have reviewed it. It seemed quite extensive at first, but I now understand it better after examining the example you provided. Thank you very much!

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that’s good @Sai_Pawar .

Almost always, “we” are not paying attention. I myself face this many a times - but practicing it now.
This activity of paying attention also helps us become better traders and a good human being.

Hey, @srkabra56 , thanks for your support and being an active community member.

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