Inconsistency in usage of quantity while placing order

In the case of commodities, while placing the order, the user can simply input the quantity he needs to buy and lot size is calculated internally via the API.

However, in case of a nifty futures, the order placement fails as below

“Order has been REJECTED by broker due to reason : Your ordered quantity was not in multiples of the lot size for the contract.”

Now this is because, the lot size was not considered implicitly via the API.

Why this discrepancy? Please adhere to one logic which expects the lotsize or not entirely.

Hi @sathya,

We had created this logic considering the method on how exchange accepts the quantity as well as user behaviour.

For currency, we take lot size as inputs
For futures, etc, tick size is used to asses the quantity entered

We will get this added in the disclaimer for more clarity and visibility of the users.

Hope this helps

Please add this in the ‘place order’ or ‘order parameters list’ of API documentation.

Ideally I would have expected consistency irrespective of the type of instrument, even if it means user has to supply (lotsize * quantity of lots) always…

API behaviour consistency beats documentation.
Thank you.