Important updates to UP your trades

Traders, we’ve got good news for you! Now you can up your trades with these latest updates:

:rocket:490 790 Scrips Applicable For Equity Intraday Trading!

  • Earlier equity intraday orders were applicable only on 490 scrips, but we’ve increased this limit to 790 scrips
  • This means you can place equity intraday orders on 300 scrips more and gain up to 5X leverage on them
  • See the complete list of applicable scrips here

:rocket:Intraday Index Options - Buy Order Now Allowed

  • We have enabled Intraday product type on buying of Index Options.
  • This means you can now buy intraday Call and Put options on NIFTY, BANK NIFTY and FINNIFTY
  • All positions taken in this segment can be converted to delivery by 3.20 PM of the same day or else they will get auto- squared off.

:rocket:Gain 100% margin against LiquidBees, LiquidETF and ICICLIQ

  • Now you can pledge Liquidbees, LiquidETF, ICICILIQ with Upstox to gain up to 100% leverage
  • This means on pledging these stocks, you can avail 100% funds(after 10% haircut for taking fresh positions in Futures & Option (sell side only).
  • No need to maintain 50:50 cash to collateral ratio on these symbols