I want to do algo treading and I can't understand what to do

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@kroy14630, Could you provide more specific details about what you are trying to achieve? Your previous message was unclear about the steps you are following.

Hi @kroy14630,.

Algo Trading is too complex to be understood over an article or text.

Upstox does webinar on no code trading. We recommend you to attend on of those. You can keep a watch on the Upstox Learn page and register once the next slot opens.
Upstox Learn - Uplearn

Do note that algo trading would require you to have pre-existing knowledge of F&O trading or atleast the basics to start exploring the space.

If you are looking to learn about F&O trading, you can sign up on the same space as well.

Hope this helps.

Call me urgently please
I can’t understand anything

Call me urgently please


Have you had a chance to review the suggestions provided here: Algo Trading Tips? The information shared earlier serves as crucial guidance to help you begin.

Feel free to reach out if you have any additional questions.


what to do now

what to do