How to trade on multiple prices

I have 100 quantities of shares allotted in IPO
I want to sell 50 quantities today and others I will keep .
For 50 which i need to sell today I want to sell at different price range
lets say
10 @ 1200rs
10 @ 1400 rs
10 @1100 rs
10@ 1150

with every order i will get brokerage so it becomes a costly deal
any idea how to deal with this
as new upstox accounts have 2.5% brokerage max to 20rs

Hey @Aslan,

In multiple orders, you have options:
a) Sell more at a lower limit for reduced costs and profits (e.g., sell 20 at 1150 instead of 1150, 1200).
b) Sell more at a higher limit for lower costs, increased profits, but without profit guarantees (e.g., sell 30 at 1200 instead of 1200, 1150, 1100).

The key is to streamline orders. However, in trading, there’s no assurance all targets will hit. Typically, you either take all profits, let it ride, or take most profits and leave some on the table.