How to set Target in api SL order

I want to place a SL and Target order through python script , is there any feature for that

Unfortunately it is not available yet. I am also waiting for that. As of now you need to monitor positions continuously and based on certain conditions you need to exit from position either SL or TP.

The feature mentioned earlier, Stop Loss with Target, is currently not supported by the Upstox API. Nonetheless, this functionality will be incorporated into the GTT feature upon its release. While we do not have a specific timeline for the GTT’s availability, it is in the planning phase, and development will commence shortly.

That means when you release this new feature, you will also extend free brokerage charge to test new features, correct?

The release of new API features is independent of free brokerage. Prior to launch, we ensure that the API undergoes thorough testing. Nevertheless, should there be a need for free brokerage in relation to any new release, the product team will consider it accordingly.