How to send Chartink or TradingView alerts for orders on Upstox

Hey Coding experts!

How can I send alerts from Chartink or TradingView to place order on Upstox?!

Can you team create a tool for this? A kind of algo trading specifically for Upstox?

Can you suggest me any other method as well other than using third party algo platforms?

Hi @11.11,

Thanks for your wonderful suggestion as always!

We have taken a note of it and will pass it on to the concerned team.

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Hello @11.11 @Ushnota

You can read particular scanner using python script. Chartink returns json dictionary and you can read stock on by one based on your criteria and after matching criteria you can send that order to upstox using api.

just check on google for reading chartink scanner using python.

I have tested and it works.

Any development on this as mentioned by op @11.11