How to place order in instant

I am use Market feed websocket for options and I make logic for if market price is similar to my set price then trigger order place api but it is not working properly it go to next price.
ex: suppose current market feed price is 91 and i set trigger on 91.1 and place order then it is not place on 91.1 it was place on next feed price like 91.2 or 90.7
how do i match at same time

@Yadnesh_Gaikwad, Can you please provide the opening and execution prices of your order? Additionally, which option are you attempting? In highly liquid options, this price range tends to be minimal.

Could you also share your client ID or order number so we can investigate this further?

i am nifty 50 option chain it always place to late this are some my below order id of today’s
day before yesterday bcoz of this i lost 500 rs and till now i nearly lost 1200 rs

And in all api i was call i always add tag so you can reverify by expected price and execution price
this is my client id:- d71cf0c2-2f07-4b2b-ad87-f2c1e49c58ef

please provide solution asap was now i was just using direct buy sell logic without complex condition that time taking and in direct websocket response and still it place wrong
buying order id:- 240425010341056
selling order id:- 240425010341061

The orders 240425010341056 and 240425010341061 were executed immediately upon receipt. Please refer to the screenshots below.

Note that both orders were received within a very narrow time margin.

Screenshot 2024-04-29 at 6.04.48 PM
Screenshot 2024-04-29 at 6.05.02 PM

But still goes on wrong price not as expected price

Please be aware that your market order was sent to the exchange immediately upon receipt. However, we cannot guarantee the execution price of the market order.

A market order is executed at the best available price on the exchange. If the available quantity at the current bid or ask price is insufficient to complete your order, the remaining portion will be filled at the next best bid or ask price. This may result in your order being executed at different prices.

Please be aware of the above market scenario and plan your trade accordingly.