How to place a GTT order using API in node

    const requestData = {
                quantity: 25,
                product: "D",
                validity: "DAY",
                price: 0,
                tag: "string",
                instrument_token: "NSE_FO|41296",
                order_type: "MARKET",
                transaction_type: "BUY",
                disclosed_quantity: 0,
                trigger_price: 0,
                is_amo: false

buy using this code i placed order but i wanna add a target order and stop lose order
after the above order placed in node.js

Currently, it is not possible to place a GTT (Good Till Triggered) order via API v2. We are actively working on enabling GTT functionality within the V2 API. Updates will be provided to you as soon as it becomes available.

In the meantime, you can still manage your trades by placing a buy order followed by a stop-loss (sell) order.

let say i wanna place order if ltp is 100

so my target is to sell if that ltp becomes 110
and also i wanna sell if ltp becomes 90

give me idea of how can i do this using node.js

You can achieve the above mentioned example as follows

  1. place a limit sell order with price of 110 (target sell order)
  2. place a stop loss sell order with trigger price of 90.

For details on place order have a look at Place Order , also you can refer Example codes for implementations

for suppose my position option buy CE is running at 90s

if(ltp> 100){
close order

close order

for closing order:

can i use this cancel order to exit/square off of position

Cancel order API is used to cancel an open or pending which can be applied to both After Market Orders (AMO) and regular orders, for more information please refer this Cancel Order API
To exit/square off a position you need to place an order of opposite leg.