How to get End of Day OI and Price data

Currently, I am trying to get End-of-day OI data for FnO futures.

So there request to be sent to|35286 and get an Object for details,

Is there a way to get at End of day data in one snapshot?

The Upstox API currently does not support receiving end-of-day data in a single snapshot. To obtain the necessary details, you must use the REST API and provide a comma-separated list of instrument keys.

Could you clarify the specific use case you are aiming to achieve by obtaining open interest (OI) data in a single snapshot?

Hello Pradeep,
Now i have my solution, limiting the fetch of 400 instruments in one query and then another.
Initially, I thought we had one instrument in one fetch, but from documentation I got answer for comma separated key, :slight_smile: wonderful documentation, easy to do.

@Jigar_Patel Glad to hear it.