How to calculate sell margin of the particular option

Hello Upstox Team,
I have been using the Upstox developer API for developing the customized dashboard through which I can send the orders. I want to know from where I can get the sell margin required to execute that order ?. As you API only provides the exposure and span margin for the complete portfolio.

Or is there any other way through which I can calculate the sell margin I have ltp, quantity, and below values of got from the user endpoint.

“status”: “success”,
“data”: {
“commodity”: {
“used_margin”: 555.23,
“payin_amount”: 107.0,
“span_margin”: 360.0,
“adhoc_margin”: 0.0,
“notional_cash”: 0.0,
“available_margin”: 3874.5,
“exposure_margin”: 75.13
“equity”: {
“used_margin”: 0.8,
“payin_amount”: 200.0,
“span_margin”: 0.0,
“adhoc_margin”: 0.0,
“notional_cash”: 0.0,
“available_margin”: 15507.46,
“exposure_margin”: 0.0

please help me out.

I understand your request. Currently, we do not have an API to access the sell margin details for options. However, we recognize the importance and necessity of such a feature. I will pass on your request to the appropriate team and inform you about any progress or updates.

till time can you share the details on how it is calculated at your end more specifically about the formula?

Acknowledged. I will relay this request to the appropriate team and provide a response at the earliest opportunity. Thank you for your understanding and patience.