Help in integrating Upstox API for business needs

We want to use Upstox API for our business purposes but we are not getting any response from the support team at Upstox (calls and mails). Can someone please inform us whom to reach out for this? We need to work on this project urgently and need an Upstox API to fetch real time BSE NSE stock data for building an internal application for the company.

@Abhilasha - A member from our development team will be reaching out to you here about this. Separately, can you tell me approximately when you reached out to CS by phone? I’m tracking that our average wait times (looking by hour and by day of week) for the month of June have been in the 1 to 2.5 minute range.

We reached out to the customer support yesterday by call and they told us to write a mail generating a ticket for the same but yesterday night the team closed the ticket without reaching out to us for solving our problem.

If possible please provide the contact details of the development team so our team can work with them for this. Our requirement is using the Upstox API to fetch real time BSE NSE stock data for our company’s own internal app. We need it for multi-tenant for purely business purposes.

Hi @Abhilasha,

Can you please email me about the use case you are trying to solve, who is the customer profile of your business and your website name on

I will reply back for the needful. Thanks

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