Getting this error very frequently - "Request aborted [500]"

Getting this error very frequently - “Request aborted [500]” Would like to understand what’s this error about? when this will get resolved?
If we try after few seconds, the error vanishes.

Hi @Krishna_Velu

Could you please share your UCC or ticket ID with us so that we can check this? If you don’t have a ticket yet, you may raise it here: Thanks.

My UCC ID is 200594. I didn’t create a ticket.

Hi @Krishna_Vel,

Thank you for sharing the details. We’ll connect with you soon over the call.


Hi @Krishna_Velu,

We tried calling you, however, the call went unanswered. In case, you’re still facing an issue, let us know a good time to connect and we’ll be happy to reach out to you.


I’m abroad. I’m only available on WhatsApp on that number. Else communicate through email.

I think its due location filter (geo based). Try with VPN India server, it may work. Recently i was in Nepal and i faced same issue, however on VPN, it went fine.

same issue , why should we use a VPN to connect , the issue is from upstox side and it has to be fixed immediately


Our team has resolved this. Request you to try logging in again. If you face any issue please reach us here. Thanks!