Getting Error 'Request Aborted[500]' at login

Hi Pradeep ,

I have issue with all your interfaces Android App giving error 403 and every other error is 500 “Request Aborted”
basically Reject is rejected from your server as login page is loaded and GET OTP is triggered .
so i dont think issue is with CDN . if i can load your login page which means that IP is resolved . So it is something else .
Please resolve immediately . As all 3 trading session is gone (wasted) .

this is totally not acceptable .

We request you to please try logging in again. If you still face the issue please share you UCC ID with us here. Thanks

-1. moral lesson nahi chahiye bro. fix karo


what the hell is the solution ? Are these people fixing it ? Bloody shit, I lost a lot by Upstox blocking the access… Team are you going to fix it ?

Hey @Nitish_Sainani & @John_Mathew ,

Our team has fixed this issue. Request you to please try logging in again. If you face any issue reach out to us here. Thanks.

still not resolved this issue

Hi @Aniket_Tawade,

Please clear your browser’s cookies and cache and try attempting to login again.

If the problem persists, please let us know.

issue still persists. happens only with selenium login. Any solution?

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Hi Team , any solution for this . getting 500 request aborted . I am trying to login from india only but still getting this error.

Can you pls check from yourside and fix that