Filtering Candlestick by candle body

Can anyone tell me how can I sort charts with specific details, I mean when I want to see a candlestick with specific characteristics, how can I see that, like body length, upper wick length, lower wick length… And many more.

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The best way to find that would be using a screener!

I find Chartink good for TA on candlestick patterns or bodies. All Stock Screeners & Scans

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Thank You Sir for the Help but what I’m trying to do is to scan for 50 point bullish or bearish candlestick on 1 hr, 15 min, 5 min. Can I do that?

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Yes, There are many screeners on web that can help you identify candlestick patterns by ur desired timeframe.

For eg, Candlestick Screener for Indian Stocks from 5 Mins to Monthly Ticks


Thanks @11.11 for pitching in :slight_smile:

Thank you Bro for help

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