Error code : UDAPI100500 while requesting historical data

is there anyone tell me that how to resolve the error of UDAPI100500 while requesting the historical data. i don’t know if reqesting structure is not right or this error is from upstox end. please anyone confirm me about this. i will be very greatful.


Could you try encoding the instrument_key as a URI component and inform us if it resolves the issue?

Thank you!

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@Himanshu_GTS, as an example, you can use the following URL to access historical candle data for RELIANCE from Upstox:

Try this in your Postman.

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It’s working now, thanks for assistance. It the issue with instrument key.

Hi Pradeep,

Getting same error. Could you please help me with this?

@Sai_Pawar it seems from the screenshot that your instrument key has not been correctly URL-encoded.

Please refer to the following example for guidance:

If the issue persists, please provide us with the curl request for further assistance.

Ohh Great. Thanks!

But its not returning data for todays date.

For today’s data, you should refer to the intraday API.

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