EDIS is not validated

Hello Team,
we are building Apies ,
when I doing sell of Holding , according to doc curl [Place Order | Upstox Developer API] then these are give Response message EDIS is not validated then can you Guide me how to use EDIS Curl to authorized .

I am also getting same error, please support us to fix the issue.

url = ‘https://api.upstox.com/v2/order/place

data = {
‘quantity’: 20,
‘product’: ‘D’,
‘validity’: ‘DAY’,
‘price’: 0,
‘tag’: ‘string’,
‘instrument_token’: NSE_EQ|INF204KB15V2,
‘order_type’: MARKET,
‘transaction_type’: ‘SELL’,
‘disclosed_quantity’: 0,
‘trigger_price’: 0,
‘is_amo’: False,

response = requests.post(url, json=data, headers=headers)

Response Body: {‘status’: ‘error’, ‘errors’: [{‘errorCode’: ‘UDAPI100500’, ‘message’: ‘EDIS is not validated’, ‘propertyPath’: None, ‘invalidValue’: None, ‘error_code’: ‘UDAPI100500’, ‘property_path’: None, ‘invalid_value’: None}]}

@Raj_kumar_Mali and @Srihari Thank you for reaching out.

According to CDSL regulations, customers who do not have a DDPI must use both the CDSL TPIN and an OTP to authorize the transfer of securities from their demat account during delivery sale transactions. If you intend to sell equity holdings from your account, please ensure you complete the CDSL authorization daily through https://pro.upstox.com . Once authorized, the permission remains valid for the entire day.

Alternatively, if you activate DDPI, you will not need to perform these authorizations sale. You can activate DDPI on Upstox by following the instructions provided here .

Enabling DDPI will simplify the process and save time as it eliminates the need for daily authorizations

I hope this information is helpful to you.

HI @Ketan

Thank you for reply msg .

I have the client_id but do not have the following details:

  • platform_id
  • redirect_path
  • redirect_query

Could you please tell me how to achieve this data?