Dividend Reports

In Upstox, there is no option to download the Dividend Report for the financial year, which is very useful for tax filings. We need to manually go through our bank statement for the entire year and there is high possiblilty for human error.

The other brokers provide this service on their platforms, kindly requesting Upstox as well to introduce this feature.


Hi @Pratikkumarsaha ,

Welcome to the Upstox community! Thanks for your feedback. We have passed it on to the concerned team.

please enable the dividend report in the upstox . it is really very helpful. others provide the report.

Hello @Vaibhav_Naik

Since ITR filing have started, any update on this feature? It is really troublesome to find the dividend credits from bank statement and that for 1 year period.

Hi @Pratikkumarsaha,

Thank you for your feedback and suggestions.

We understand the importance of this feature, especially during the ITR filing period. We are currently evaluating it and exploring ways to simplify the process of finding dividend credits.

In the meantime, you can consult your CA, who can help you in calculating your dividend income.

We appreciate your patience.