Difference of value in Total OI of CE and PE as seen on NSE website and value retrieved from Option Chain API

Hi Upstox Team,
Recently I switched from NSE option chain data to the upstox option chain API.
But I can see some difference in values for Total OI for CE and PE on NSE website as compared to upstox option chain API values.

Values Fetched from Option Chain API:-

[2024-03-11 13:36:02.836673]
Timestamp | Open | High | Low | Close | TOICE | TOIPE
2024-03-11 13:35:00 | 22410 | 22411 | 22407 | 22407 | 1861766 | 1424875

NSE website Snapshot:-

[Underlying Index: NIFTY 22,421.90 As on 11-Mar-2024 13:34:43 IST]

Why is there such a huge difference of the values?



We are having this checked and will be back with an update.


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Hi @shanmu

Any Update on above issue?

Hi, I am also facing the same issue. When we fetch OI and Volume from market feed, the Oi and Volume both doesn’t match with data on Option Chain on NSE website.