Clarification needed for last value coming from the historical API response

Hi team,

In the following json response for historical data of nifty index:-

“2023-07-25T15:29:00+05:30”, // Timestamp
19677.25, // Open
19678.85, // High
19669, // Low
19678.85, // Close
0, // Volume (Probably I assume)
0 // Not known (what value does this represents?)

Also by when can we expect volume data to be included in responses for indexes please?

Kindly locate the key mappings in the candles array. For Indexes, direct trading is not applicable, so volume data is unavailable.

  "data": {
    "candles": [
      "2023-07-25T15:29:00+05:30", ->timestamp
      19677.25, -> open
     19678.85, -> high
      19669, -> low
      19678.85, -> close
      0, -> volume
      0 -> openInterest - For FNO
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Yes direct trading is not applicable,
but I was expecting the summation of volume data of total stocks present in the index.
just like the volume we see in the trading view platform for Indexes.
It will be very much helpful for us if you guys can provide those values.


I’ve taken note of your point. Currently, there are no plans in our pipeline for something like that. If such a plan were to develop, we would certainly keep you informed.