Can I get the indicator details from upstox API?

Is there a way I can get the indicator details from upstox API?

like I want to get parabolic SAR value or MA value like to make alog trade based on different indicators that are avaialbel in upstox.


Currently, the Upstox API does not support indicators, and there are no immediate plans to include this feature. However, I will ensure that your feedback is forwarded to the product team.

Could you let us know when can we expect to have indicators as part of the API?

I think the whole objective of API trading becomes pointless if we can’t have the basis to make decisions (technical indicators) that even non-API traders have.

I agree that you can implement indicators, I’m even willing to go to that extent. However, values of certain indicators require historical candle data. But brokers limit this glare into the past till a certain point in time, which again renders this extra effort of yours pointless.

After that, we’re only left with a few workarounds:

  1. Do Scraping (but there’ll be a significant latency even with the best computational resource and internet connectivity, not to mention the continuous risk of account getting blocked.)
  2. Decide a point in time > gather indicator values around this point > store these indicator values locally > extrapolate from thereon.

You can’t deny that the above 2 workarounds are cumbersome.

The status remains the same as in the below thread. However, if we decide to take this in the future, we will notify you.