C++, Protobuf version required

I already have a project built with another provider’s api. Now i am migrating to upstox. I wanna use upstox websocket api.Can i please know what version of google’s protobuf library is needed to work with your provided proto file? I have compiled with the latest version 4.25.3 protobuf. But there are errors that suggest version issue.I used cmake with bazel. Can someone please guide me in the right direction for this? Ty. I am using Boost.Beast library as base for websocket.

Can a dev or engineer reply to this? Would be extremely helpful. Still not solved… i see other tech posts being replied, but not this here… @Pradeep_Jaiswar . Could you please take a look at this.


Thank you for reaching out. I’ll take some time to gather the necessary details to help you begin.

I’ll return with the information.

Thank you!


The following gist should get your issues sorted.

Let me know if that helped.