Best Mutual Funds Books for Beginners in India

Several online articles and videos talk about mutual fund investments. However, any smart investor knows better than to depend solely on these resources. If you want to improve your knowledge of mutual funds to confidently make the right choices, you may think of going beyond blog posts and videos. You must dive into books about mutual funds and attempt to understand the small details.

To help you in this endeavour, we compile a list of our favourite books on mutual funds. Here it is:

Common Sense On Mutual Funds by John C. Bogle

This one is perhaps the most commonly recommended book on mutual funds. John C. Bogle is a revered stock market genius who boils down his knowledge of mutual funds into this easy read.

The book is suited for novice and seasoned investors alike. The book is structured with knowledge on the characteristics of mutual funds. Further, if you already have a working knowledge of mutual funds and simply want to learn about a few specific aspects, you can do so by referencing this book.

Mutual Funds For Dummies by Eric Tyson

This book is a perfect read for beginners in mutual fund investments. It walks the reader through some intelligent guidelines for evaluating mutual funds. In simple language that almost anyone can understand. Even seasoned investors are known to refer to this beginner’s guide before making new investments.

Bogle On Mutual Funds by John C. Bogle

This is another masterpiece by Bogle. The book talks of a little-known side of investment in mutual funds and aims to revolutionise how investors think about finance. An interesting aspect this book demonstrates is how significant profits can be secured even by investing in passive mutual funds.

Indian Mutual Funds Handbook by Sundar Sankaran

This book is the perfect starting point for any Indian investor. That is also perhaps why it is widely considered one of India’s best books on mutual funds. The book provides readers with knowledge relevant to the Indian stock market and mutual funds. It provides a detailed yet simple overview of the different types of mutual funds available to Indian investors and the different ways to invest in mutual funds. It also walks the reader through the details of how the nation’s mutual funds market works and how everyday investors may secure sustainable returns.

Mutual Funds: Ladder To Wealth Creation by Vivek K. Negi

Another great read for any beginner, is this book by Vivek K. Negi about wealth creation using mutual funds. Many Indian investors that have made money by investing in mutual funds cite this book.

With highly relevant scenarios, strategies and examples, this book presents mutual fund knowledge in an easy-to-understand format.

How To Make A Fortune Through Mutual Funds by Ashu Dutt

Ashu Dutt aims to break down myths around mutual fund investing and help you secure a fortune. His book uses a beginner-friendly approach to explain concepts and strategies to help consistently make decent returns. This great no-nonsense guide helps the reader do exactly what the book’s title promises.

The Mutual Funds Book by Alan Northcott

This book is one of the most comprehensive guides to mutual fund investing. It guides towards specific strategies and provides readers with good insight into mutual fund investments. The book simplifies complex concepts such as asset allocation and teaches investors how to make online investments safely. If you are a beginner who may know just a little about mutual funds, this book may be the perfect starting point for you.

The Mutual Fund Industry by R. Glenn Hubbard

This is a good book that may change your perspective on investing. The book is the culmination of observations made by R. Glenn Hubbard over a span of 25 years. Credit to these observations, the book outlines how the mutual fund industry works in the past and present. Further, the book also makes informed predictions about the industry’s future. This book is a goldmine of knowledge relevant to beginners and experienced investors.

A Guide To Indian Mutual Fund Investments by Dr. Susanta Kumar Mishra

As the name suggests, this is another book of high relevance to investors in India. It talks about specific examples and guides investors through the importance of picking not just the right mutual funds but also the right mutual fund managers. The book may also be considered as guidelines for investors to analyse the pros and cons of specific mutual funds. This book further helps investors make informed decisions.

Beating The Street By Peter Lynch

Beating the street by Peter Lynch is a great book about investments in general. While the book does focus on mutual funds and how an investor should evaluate them, it also covers important financial topics like investment psychology. The book outlines a healthy investment approach. It also details how mutual fund investors can evaluate individual companies.


There you have it, our picks for the top 10 investment books on mutual funds. We hope you find these books as helpful and informative as we did. Did we miss one of your favourite books on mutual fund investing? Share the title with us.


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