Authorize API, Cannot authorize

what does this authorize API exactly do?

If I try as per this example everything runs without any problem, but where is the “code”?

Expectation is it should return a “code”, which should be used as an input for generating token.
But this code doesn’t generate any code or returns nothing.


The Authorize API endpoint is used to trigger the authentication. To initiate the OAuth flow, the fully constructed Authorize API endpoint must be accessed through a browser. After completing the flow, the process will redirect to the redirect_uri specified in the Authorize URI’s req parameter. Upon redirection, the authorization code will be included as a req parameter. This code is essential for obtaining the access_token via the Token API.

For a more comprehensive understanding of the flow, we encourage reviewing the documentation at Authentication Flow.

Thank you!

Hi @shanmu
I’d like to clarify one thing.
As you mentioned, the fully constructed Authorize API endpoint must be accessed through a browser, which I understand.
But then what is the purpose of the authorize() method in the SDKs?
Does it serve any purpose or is it just present just because Swagger codegen generated it?

That is my original question too… and got shady answer.
Not only this, I discovered few more apis also like this, which serves no proposes. And just sitting there.
Documentation is not very clear. All auto generated and no one reviewed it, test it.

@timemanx @Krishna_Velu Thank you for your feedback, which has been acknowledged. We will evaluate the API under the specified category and take appropriate action.