Authorization token issue for option chain

I was able successfully get access token
the access token worked for " The access token is working for this and able to get candle data.
When i am trying to call option/chain with same access token, getting invalid token. Why is same token not working for option chain?

Below is the request

Authorization: “Bearer {{access_token}}”

“status”: “error”,
“errors”: [
“errorCode”: “UDAPI100050”,
“message”: “Invalid token used to access API”,
“propertyPath”: null,
“invalidValue”: null,
“error_code”: “UDAPI100050”,
“property_path”: null,
“invalid_value”: null

The same access token is working to get the historical candle data

@vijay.r.nadar The Historical Candles API is an open API and does not require authorization.
In contrast, the Option Chain API is an authenticated API, and you need to provide a valid access token.