Api gets redirected to login page after every 30 mins

Hi, I need some permanent solution to connect through api without the need to login again and again through mobile otp or email after every 30 mins.

@Armaan.Srivastava Could you please provide a video of the problem you’re encountering and specify where it is occurring so that we can assist you?

The access_token obtained through this API is valid until 3:30 AM the following day, regardless of when it was generated. For more information, visit this link.

Hi Pradeep,

Can we arrange a call including my stakeholders ?


Could you please provide a video of the problem and specify where it is occurring? We can determine the next steps after reviewing the video and analyzing the error.

Hi Pradeep,

Also, we wanted multi tenant, non web login. Can you help us with the same?

For the video that you are asking, we are unable to record anything on our corporate system.

Please reach out on below email to @Vinit_1989